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Hello, my name is Fahr Sindram. I am a cosplay beginner, in fact I am mostly a Mangaka and sweet Lolita - but I love Loki and so I just had to start cosplaying him. I really don't know what to say. Thank you all for your support in the last months. ^-^ Loki love to you all! I gonna post here MY COSPLAYS ONLY - so don't complain, ok? .......... tumblr hit counter
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Halloween can come! (I have LOKI plans!)


    Halloween can come! (I have LOKI plans!)

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  • …I accept, good sir!

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    messing about the river

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    like, seriously? we talked once or twice, admired each others cosplays, OR NEVER talked at all? How about you learn to stick to your own shit.

    you don’t know the person!? but heard stuff about them?
    -stay out of it
    -get to know them and find out if it’s true
    -if they didn’t do anything to you, leave them alone.
    -if it’s bad rumors, find the source, get behind the truth if you HAVE to
    -if you don’t know anything more than “oh I heard she did this and that, badbadbad-talk”…

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With dont-even-think-about-blinking as Lady Sif <3 !


    With dont-even-think-about-blinking as Lady Sif <3 !

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  • 825
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  • I love you guys! ALL OF YOU! <3 (copyright to the owners)

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With shigeako-cosplay (Sherlock) and fahrlightloki (Loki) - based on an idea by reapersun​ It’s dedicated to Reapersun and awesome derlaine&#160;!&#160;!&#160;!Photo by nanahayashi


    With shigeako-cosplay (Sherlock) and fahrlightloki (Loki) - based on an idea by reapersun​ 

    t’s dedicated to Reapersun and awesome derlaine ! ! !

    Photo by nanahayashi

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  • Anonymous said:

    Pardon if this is any sort of privacy invasion etc. obviously you have the right to not answer. I'm curious to know if being a mangaka suffices for the expenses of all of this amazing cosplay and super cute outfits ^^ I've always loved your cosplays in general, although Loki is a favorite of mine.

    No, I can’t live from art, since I am really sick for over a year now.

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  • julia-barakat:

    Okay so as far as most of you know the Frankfurt Book Fair took place this weekend

    SO my friends and I decided to make a Doctor who Cosplay

    So it goes Rose Tyler, Dalek (me), 10, 9, Tardis and Jack
    (Picture credit to )

    So the day passed by and first we met really cool people, like Conchita Wurst, Draco, Captain Jack Sparrow, Sally and Jack, most of the Avengers and a few more!
    THEN things started to get awesome:

    So we sat down on grass because we were all really tired and needed to rest, that’s when this nice girl walked up to us, grinning brightly pointing at us and saying
    We were sitting there, looking behind us, wondering who she found. once she walked up to us, all she managed to say was
    "I searched you guys!" We were all extremely honoured and after her asking if she could take a picture, we of course agreed!
    She took a picture with our group and then individually
    It seriously was so nice to be “Searched for”

    So, after we took a couple of pictures with her, she couldn’t resist but tell us that we really needed to find this dude who looked EXACTLY like David Tennant. 
    We have been searching for said dude for SO LONG that day, so it really interested us that she said she just saw him not far by.
    We were nearly running to said place, but once we got there, we couldn’t find him. Sadly.
    So, we decided to walk around for some more, eat some more, find a few nice things to buy.
    We then reached a hall where we decided to settle down, before a couple of people asked us for group pictures
    We of course agreed, and one of the photographers pulled us aside and was all like
    "You guys, you need to see this dude"
    She then showed us a picture of that one dude we have been searching the whole day.
    When we asked her where we could find him, she replied he was in hall 3 near the Doctor Who stand apparently.
    Just to clear things out, Hall three was bout 10minutes away from where we were at that moment.
    SO I took my heels off the others collected our things and:
    We started running for our life
    We first were on the wrong level, and nearly gave up hope but went to the right level anyway
    Once we arrived there we parted, every one of us into another aisle.
    Once I reached the back of my aisle I met the girl who cosplayed 10 with us, who was just as frustrated as me.
    We then walked up to each other, and looked to my right.
    And fucking hell

    So, we walked up to him, and our Jack was already talking to him and fucking Sherlock
    I am not joking when I say they looked EXACTLY like them in really life 

    So first thing I did of course was embarrass myself but that’s another story.
    We then managed to tell him that our Rose looked like the actual Rose. I guess he first didn’t believe us completely, but once he saw her, both of them couldn’t stop saying they needed to take her with them

    And also, ever wanted to see a Dalek and the Doctor fight?

    So this is fucking ridiculous right
    Nope, that’s not the last one my dear!
    Sherlock looks good as fuck as well

    And then 

    Then I died my dearest people

    There in front of me stood the perfect copy of Loki
    My eyes sweated a lot from the whole run-
    Okay who am I kidding I fucking started crying because IT IS FUCKING LOKI OH MY GOD
    Sorry about that
    So, here be JEALOUS!

    So yeah, this is my story of the book fair 2014 
    (and sorry for the shit quality and *myface* hope it’s still kayyyyy)

    And sorry I do not have the names of the Doctor and Sherlock lookalikes (I’m actually sorry as soon as I get them from my friend or smth else I will put them in here :) )
    Loki cosplayed by the one and only amazing FahrLight

    lkdgjdlgjdlgjdlgjlkdgj I was so flashed! <3 Thank you!

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